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pauca sed matura

About us
The Statisfaction Academy has been founded as a platform, where professionals from different fields can meet and share their experiences and knowledge. As a result, it should help to introduce findings of the theoretical studies into the practice. This collaboration helps to get better results and efficiency in production. The Statisfaction Academy builds on the training activities of Diribet, and is based on the same idea as the Statisfaction YouTube channel, where we try explain the impact of using statistics in the real world in an understandable way. The motto of the Diribet company is a quote by the mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss “Pauca sed matura,” it can be translated as “Few but ripe,” and that is the way, how the Statisfaction Academy wants to be presented – providing targeted trainings and workshops, focused on a specific problem.

Our colloquiums
“A colloquium is a professional discussion on a given topic, a form of opinion exchange, or a gathering of experts.” All of our seminars and trainings are colloquiums, as discussion and exchange of experience are the basis, in improving expertise as well as in finding solutions to specific tasks. The goal of our colloquiums is to bring the statistical methods that are used in analyzes of industrial production to those who process data for their work. They are led by experienced lecturers and renowned experts from various areas, who have experience in improving manufacturing processes. Colloquiums are made to meet requirements of the participants, in the preparation we take into account their previous experience and technical knowledge so that the information from the course can be meaningfully used. We offer usually two-day courses, on the first day, the theoretical background is explained. The second day is dedicated to the practical use, shown at real examples from participating companies. We are open not only to the announced topics, if needed, we can prepare a course tailored exactly to your needs.

Specific tasks
The Statisfaction Academy also organises colloquiums focusing on current issues related to the use of statistical methods in industrial production. The aim of the colloquiums is to precisely specify these issues and, with the knowledge of our experts, to find the right solution.
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