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Mathematical methods should never lose contact with technological processes

Originally a Greek word tekhnē meaning ‘art’ or ‘craft’ – be it that of a potter, smith, or a sculptor and painter. Today we would explain tekhnē as a way to systematically reach a desired outcome – in industry, science or art.

In this sense, our craft is fully responsive to your needs. No matter what your goal is – ecological qualities, improving construction, improving production, speeding up production, reducing cost, lifetime extension & durability, getting ahead of competition – our information systems together with statistical solutions, Diribet serves your company in the meaning of tekhnē.


Advancement with the help of statistics

What do we mean by statistics? Stochastics, mathematical statistics, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence… In short, we work to connect and assess all production data carrying information that helps you understand, alert or predict a problem. In other words, cut down costs!

Some may believe that percentages and arithmetic mean is sufficient application of statistics, while others are convinced the only way forward is artificial intelligence. Diribet stands somewhere in the middle. Our mission is to make complex statistical and numerical algorithms accessible to operational production management staff.


From ‘Data’, through extracting ‘Information’, to ‘Knowledge’

Amount of data is increasing exponentially. IT systems are getting more complex and interconnected. Diribet is here to help you find your way in this IT jungle.

Open APIs for machine communication, simple and robust data flow, intelligent algorithms for data analysis. That’s how we develop systems for the fourth industrial revolution.


Modern modular web application capable of fast and smart analysis of process data. Optimize your manufacturing process, minimize risk and stay competitive with chy.stat!

Smart cloud tool for measurement system (MSA) and measurement uncertainty analyses. Yarvyn conforms to ISO 22514-7 and it’s an essential tool for metrologists, engineers and quality controllers.



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Company history

organigram CZ
organigram CZ
...diribeo, diribes, DIRIBET was established as a company with limited liability but a clear mission: "Let's make the world of industry smarter!" How? By connecting technology, statistics/math and modern IT systems with measured quality characteristics and process parameters of production equipment. That's how the software "smart statistics" is born
…Diribet was growing and the garage wasn’t enough, though we stayed faithful to the town of Beroun.
…we entered global markets as "Smart Statistics" became available in exactly 8 languages …
…the YARVYN experiment or "YARoslav's VictorY over uNcertainties" (loose translation) is a cloud solution to measurement uncertainty; with the help of "artificial" alter ego of our colleague Jaroslav
…diribeo, diribes, DIRIBET CAPUT Plc. was founded and began offering the first wave of employee share ownership programme…
Organigram EN
Organigram EN
…as the organigram suggests, what we're offering is not just software, but software with domain knowledge for a variety of technologies - for example screwdriving.
„Damit das Mögliche entsteht, muss immer wieder das Unmögliche versucht werden.“
Hermann Hesse

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