Neural networks untangled

Humans were successful in the evolution because they are very versatile, can learn anything and adapt to anything. Neural networks are inspired by the human brain. They are able to respond not only to familiar inputs, but also to the not familiar ones. Our colloquium will help you understand how neural networks work and how we can use them.

Neural networks have their origins in the biology and are inspired by the activity of human brain. The interesting feature of a neural network is that it is able to learn. It can remember the steps that lead to the desired output, and based on the experience, it can estimate new results. Neural networks have a surprising ability to generalize – to create rules from complicated data flows, and accurately predict data.

  • Do you know that the beginnings of neural networks trace back to 1943?
  • Do you know the goal of neural networks is not to make a copy of the human brain
  • Do you know that neurons sometimes do not need a teacher?
  • Do you know that neurons have their weights?

The potential use of neural networks in industry is wide. It can be various recognition functions, such as machine failures, images, product quality, diagnostic systems, quality and process behaviour prediction, signal transformation, data compression, and also expert knowledge systems. Our colloquium helps you understand how neural networks work and for which applications you could use in your company. Get inspired by the artificial intelligence!

Who can benefit from the colloquium

  • Quality engineers and process engineers
  • Development team members
  • Quality and development specialists

Requirements for participants

  • Our colloquium Let us go and teach machines
  • Knowledge about technical statistics methods, open mind, and a will to shape the future …


5 000 Kč
Scope of training 1 day

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We use our own tutorial videos, most of which are published on our diribetstatisfaction channel.