8D process – how to do it?

8D is one of the most used tools and processes for problem solving. At our training session we will show you how to use this tool correctly, all milestones, and how to successfully run through the pitfalls.

The 8D process is not only a report for the customer, but it is a steady and sophisticated problem-solving procedure that can be used not only for customer claims but also for dealing with internal disputes. Following the correct problem-solving process is not always a matter of course, we often forget important points in the process, in order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. All the more important is clear communication with all those involved in solving the problem.

  • Where to start if I need to resolve a disagreement?
  • How to find the correct immediate action?
  • Are you sure that everyone is solving the same problem?
  • Did you keep the error detection analysis in mind?
  • Did you verify all the necessary points in the problem-solving process?

Our training will guide participants through the entire problem-solving process, from identifying the customer’s problem or claim to quality assurance and verifying the sustainability of the remedy. However, the aim of the training is not only to explain the idea of the 8D process and its steps. More importantly, we want to teach participants how to approach this issue correctly in each context and avoid the most common mistakes in this process.

Who can benefit from the training

  • Quality engineers, quality planners, process engineers
  • Managers at all levels of management
  • Anyone who has to solve problems, so basically everyone …

Requirements for participants

  • Common sense, and determination to follow the facts.


5 000 Kč
Scope of training 1 day

We can organize a training for your company in our training center or at your place. We can also offer you training alternatives that will suit you more. Write to us, we will be happy to arrange details with you.