Acceptance and analysis of measurement processes and equipment

Each measurement has an error. However, do you know if your measurement process is suitable for its particular application in the production? Can you correctly estimate the gauge error?

Each production process depends on the measured data. Validating your measurement processes is one of the quality assurance requirements. To avoid misinterpretations or incorrect adjustments and process interventions, the measured values recorded must be reliable. The measurement processes must be able to provide enough information in each particular situation. However, there is not just one method for validating the measurement process, and each of them has its strengths and weaknesses. Measurement systems can be validated according to MSA, VDA5 or by examination of measurement uncertainties of input influences. It is not always easy to determine the correct and most efficient procedure. And what does the current standard ISO 22514-7 tell us?

  • Do you know which influences significantly distort the measured values?
  • Do you know which influences you can neglect?
  • Do you always consider choosing the right method before validating the measurement system?
  • But which method is the right one?
  • When is MSA suitable and when to use uncertainty calculation?
  • How to properly prepare an experiment for uncertainty calculation?
  • What does Cg / Cgk tell me?
  • How to deal with attributive characteristics and destructive tests?

Our training will help you to be orientated in the analysis of measurement processes. We will explain everything you need to understand the various methods for validating measurement processes and present useful tools to help you calculate everything you need. We will teach you how to correctly apply the principles of measurement uncertainty calculation. We will look closely at the measuring system and strip it down to individual influences. Together we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of measurement systems qualification according to VDA5 and MSA. We will teach you how to work with processes such as roughness, hardness, destructive test … After completing the training you will be able to correctly choose the most effective method not only in terms of validation of the measuring system, but also in terms of costs.

Who can benefit from the training

  • Quality engineers, quality planners, metrologists, quality specialists
  • Production enginees, process engineers

Requirements for participants

  • Knowledge of basic statistical and metrological terminology
  • Knowledge of measurement process capability is an advantage.



19 000 Kč
Scope of training 2 days

We can organize a training for your company in our training center or at your place. We can also offer you training alternatives that will suit you more. Write to us, we will be happy to arrange details with you.

We use our own tutorial videos, most of which are published on our diribetstatisfaction channel.