SPC Statistical process control

The purpose of statistical process control is not only to observe unusual measurements, but primarily, it is a technique designed to control and regulate a process. You can learn both in this colloquium.

Process management is an activity that we have to do almost everywhere. However, not all of us understand the statistical process control (SPC) technique. Control settings are often taken from other processes without analysing and understanding the process. SPC is based on correct data collection and regular monitoring of process outputs. Statistics have its rules, which are worth respecting, if we want to make this tool useful.

  • Can you correctly set up data collection for SPC?
  • What are the reasons for evaluating the process stability?
  • Do you use the right technique for regulation?
  • Is your response to observation of a process adequate?
  • Are not your interventions rash and unnecessary?

After completing this colloquium, you will be able to design collecting of data and select right method for calculating regulatory limits, understand process stability and statistical process control. You will be able to interpret the control charts, and recognize when it is appropriate to interfere with the process parameters.

Who can benefit from the colloquium

  • Quality engineers, quality planners
  • Production engineers, process engineers

Requirements for participants

  • Process capability knowledge


9 500 Kč
Scope of training - 2 days

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