Basics of data analysis

This colloquium focuses on the basics of technical statistics, and explains the right approaches to data processing and the correct interpretation of graphical outputs and analyses.

Every person or company collects lesser or bigger amount of data that is waiting for further processing. These analyses can either assure us that everything is under control, or find a problem that is about to come out. Analyses help us to be successful and eliminate potential losses that we would not be able to foresee otherwise.

  • Are you sure that the data source you chose serves the purpose you need?
  • Are you sure that your data has sufficient quality, and your analysis corresponds with reality?
  • Do you know that the average is often a tool completely unsuitable for data processing?
  • Do you always use your time for the most important problem?
  • Statistics does not have to be boring!

Using basic statistical methods, you will be taught to choose the right approach to data processing, and how to find the best graphical output that would make the results comprehensible. You will be able to interpet these analyses and find problems. The importance of process capability and its evaluation will be explained.

Who can benefit from the colloquium

  • Quality engineers, quality planners
  • Production engineers, process engineers
  • Anyone who analyses data and needs to produce clear outputs

Requirements for participants

  • Common sense, and a will to admit that statistics is not intuitive, and that it can be even in contrast with the common sense.




5 000 Kč
Scope of training 1 day

We can organize a training for your company in our training center or at your place. We can also offer you training alternatives that will suit you more. Write to us, we will be happy to arrange details with you.

We use our own tutorial videos, most of which are published on our diribetstatisfaction channel.